Improper use of extension cords caused Green Street house fire

Last week's house fire on Green Street was caused by improper use of extension cords.
Fire Department Spokesman Chris Zak said an investigation showed that too many extension cords had been plugged into an outlet, and that sparked a blaze. Burnable items near the outlet caused the fire to spread.
An aggressive attack on the fire inside the three-story colonial house on Green Street last Wednesday saved the house from extensive damage.
Firefighters had to crawl up a narrow staircase in the midst of darkness and smoke, with just their flashlights to lead the way, but managed to make it up and quickly fight the fire.

“They did an aggressive job getting up those stairs, and that’s what saved the house,” Zak said.
The house is in an historic part of downtown, where there are many older homes. One neighbor speculated the house, 12 Green Street, is more than 100 years old.
No one was seriously injured in the fire. Two people who were in the home suffered minor scrapes as they ran down the stairs. A Milford policeman, who was working at a road construction job nearby, actually got into the house before rescuers arrived and helped walk the two residents outside. The policeman did not want to be named, saying, "I was just doing my job."
The fire started just after 11 a.m. Wednesday.
There was heavy smoke and water damage on the third floor, and smoke and water damage on the second floor.
Stratford firefighters brought a ladder truck to the scene to help Milford firefighters. And because there were a number of medical calls at the same time, West Shore firefighters came in as backup, Zak said.
As firefighters walked out of the house after quickly beating back the fire, one firefighter slapped firefighter Doug Turner on the back and said, “One last dance.”
After 30 years with the department, Turner retired the day after the downtown fire.
Zak credited him for being part of the team that helped save the Green Street house.