Hurricane season begins June 1

The Milford Fire Department his issued the following public service message concerning hurricane season.
Hurricane season starts June 1 and it’s time to start preparing for the potential summer storms that could occur this year. Preparing well in advance for a tropical storm or hurricane can help reduce harm to your loved ones and damages to your property.
First, create a disaster plan for your family. Your disaster plan should include an emergency kit, an inventory of important items, and an evacuation plan. Share your disaster plan with your family and loved ones ahead of time so they are also prepared. Be mindful of elderly or infirm individuals that may require your help.

Have an Emergency Kit

An emergency kit should include enough non-perishable food, water and medication for each person & pet for 3 days. Plan to provide each person 1 gallon of water per day. A battery operated radio and lantern with back up batteries are helpful.

Inventory Important Items

Take an inventory of your important documents and store them in an easily accessible, waterproof bag that you can keep in your possession. Documents may include: identification, pet immunizations, warranties with receipts, medical plans, legal documents, insurance papers, etc… While you assemble your documents it may be helpful to scan them and save them to a secure location. Regularly make back-ups of any important computer files to an off-site location or portable hard drive. Having current photos or videos of your property and contents may assist in potential insurance claims.

Be Prepared to Evacuate

Your evacuation plan should include where you will go to seek shelter and the best route to get there. There is an evacuation route map available on the City of Milford website. A relative or friend’s house and hotels are viable options. Monitor the local weather reports and if you are required to evacuate, refer to your plan. Don’t forget pet supplies, your medications and your waterproof bag of important papers.
Milford’s primary temporary shelter is Jonathan Law High School located at 20 Lansdale Avenue; it’s pet friendly. Be sure to include sleeping gear if you are going to a temporary shelter.
Keep a ready supply of the materials needed to secure all outdoor furniture, trash cans and other items that could easily blow away. Before a storm hits be sure to secure these items.

Other Resources

The City’s Emergency Management webpage has additional information, including a list of pet-friendly hotels, an evacuation route map, flood maps, sign-up for emergency alerts, and more:
Other hurricane tips are available at or