Humanity Hates Trump: Trumbull business creates satirical card game

Stressed about the 2016 presidential election?

Have no fear, Trumbull-based SCS Direct, Inc. has came up with a fun solution for people of all ages and political affiliations.

It’s a card game called Humanity Hates Trump — and the main goal of it is to make people laugh about the things Donald Trump says, not bash the controversial Republican candidate.

"We watched the TV and everyone is up and arms and stressed out about this upcoming election," said Howard Greenspan, president and owner of SCS Direct, in an interview with WFSB3 Connecticut earlier this week. "And sometimes you have to just laugh…

"It's just laughing with Trump," Greenspan added in the interview. "The game isn't about bashing at all. It's all the things that Trump is going to say, do and sitting around with your friends and just smile and that's all I can do, is just smile."

Modeled similarly to Cards Against Humanity, the game’s base set comes with 200 white cards, 50 black cards, and two “Ultimate Trump Card” cards that a player can use to automatically win a given round.

A round begins when one player asks a fill-in-the-blank question from one of the black cards and every other player responds with a white card of what they think will be the most comical answer.

The Trumbull business, located at 9 Trefoil Drive, came up with the idea for a card game while listening to statements Trump has made on the campaign trail over the last couple of months.

"It might be his stance on foreigners to women," Greenspan told WFSB.

Kickstarter campaign

According to its website, SCS Direct is a leader in product development with products that inspire better living with mom and baby, housewares, toys and games and more.

The company, which plans to have the game ready for sale this spring, has received strong support for the Humanity Hates Trump idea through a Kickstarter campaign.

“We are building something huge. It’s gonna be real huge. No, really. A lot of people come up to me and say, How Huge? And I tell them. I say just picture huge. And then double that. What we’re building is going to trump everything and make American party games great again,” the company said in its Kickstarter message, echoing Trump’s rhetoric.  

“Tuning into the Republican Debates with Donald Trump front and center often feels like watching a Comedy Central Roast,” the pledge continued. “It’s time to take roasting to the next level with Humanity Hates Trump ...Cards that truly are against everybody!”

SCS Direct is marketing the game as one that “puts a satirical spin on politics, adding humor to the circus that is the 2016 presidential race.”

“Humanity Hates Trump is perfect for parties and events, presidential debate drinking games, full night Sob-fests, and all-around fun,” the company said.

In addition to the base set, Humanity Hates Trump is offered in an unofficial expansion pack that includes 110 cards — 80 white cards, 30 black cards, and one "Ultimate Trump Card."

According to the Kickstarter page, the expansion pack is compatible with Cards Against Humanity  and other similar party games, “adding a political Trumpy twist to the classic game.”

SCS Direct notes that Humanity Hates Trump is not not affiliated in any way with Cards Against Humanity.

“This set is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Donald J. Trump himself or Cards Against Humanity, a registered trademark of Cards Against Humanity LLC, nor does it represent the views of SCS Direct Inc,” the company said in a disclaimer.

“This product is funded...the only risk is Donald Trump being elected President,” the Kickstarter page concludes. “Don't worry about the Kickstarter...worry about your Canadian passport.”