House elevation mishap on Cooper Avenue

The house at 24 Cooper Avenue is no more, after a mishap during elevation Monday led to its total destruction.

This is just one house of many in the Silver Sands Beach area that has been elevated or is being elevated following Hurricanes Sandy in 2012 and Irene in 2011. Many of the homes here had to be restored after storm damage, and then elevated to keep them safe from future storms.

Fire Battalion Chief Anthony Fabrizi said a contractor was in the process of lifting the Cooper Avenue house Monday when it shifted for some reason, which is not known at the time.

One construction worker was injured and went to Milford Hospital with a wrist injury.

The fire department was notified and arrived to take emergency steps, such as making sure power was shut to the house and notifying the city’s building department.

It was determined the house was too unstable to be saved and an excavation crew was called in to demolish it, Fabrizi said.

In April the city's Inland Wetlands Agency unanimously approved the elevation of the 984 sq. ft. house, which was damaged in 2012 by Super Storm Sandy. Joseph and Sally Schettino are the property owners.

(Milford Patch link of video that shows house falling during the planned destruction of the structure)