Hotel, shopping center proposed on Boston Post Road

A public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, May 16 at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall before the Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z) on a large-scale project including a hotel, shopping center and apartments on a mostly vacant parcel on the Boston Post Road bordering Plains Road.

Metro 150 LLC has filed an application to create a three-lot subdivision at 150 and 184 Boston Post Road, and 92, 100, and 110 Plains Road on property owned by Jordan Realty.

As part of the application, Metro 150 is requesting a special permit and site plan approval to construct a retail shopping center at 150 and 184 Boston Post Road and 92 Plains Road, a hotel at 100 and 110 Plains Road and 150 Boston Post Road, and multi-family residential development at 92 and 100 Plains Road, and 150 Boston Post Road.

The developer has applied for zoning regulation text changes for the Corridor Design Development District 1 (CDD-1), the zone in which these properties are located.

The application requests removing the requirement that multi-family residential buildings are only permitted in the CDD-1 zone “when at least 30% of the units are defined as affordable housing in accordance with Section 8-30g of the Connecticut General Statutes.”

A second proposed change would reduce the permitted minimum square footage of one-bedroom units in multi-family residential buildings in the CDD-1 zone to 700 square feet.

A third proposed change would set the following minimum off-street parking requirements for multi-family dwellings in the CDD-1 zone to 1 to 1.5 per efficiency bedroom unit, to 1.5  to 2 per one bedroom unit, and 2 to 2.5 per unit for two-bedroom units.

Current regulations allow a minimum square footage of 575 square feet for one-bedroom units when they are part of mixed-use buildings, but require one-bedroom apartments to be a minimum of 800 square feet in multi-family residential buildings.

The regulations only allow multi-family residential buildings as part of an 8-30g affordable housing project. Apartments are permitted in mixed use buildings, provided no more than 67% of the total gross floor area is devoted to residential use.

Current parking regulations require a minimum of two parking spaces for efficiency, one- and two-bedroom units.

The 12,893 square foot four-story hotel with 125 rooms and 126 parking spaces would be located adjacent to the Exit 36 off-ramp on a 3.54-acre lot with a driveway to Plains Road that would be opposite the driveway to the existing driveway for the Hampton Inn, located on the north side of Plains Road. The hotel would be near Gloria Commons condominiums.

A single-family home from 1935 on 0.21-acres at 100 Plains Road would be demolished to create the hotel driveway.

The 168 apartments would be located in nine three-story buildings on 6.7-acres of land in the center of the property, between the hotel and the retail stores, near Bona Street. Access would be from Plains Road.

There would be 12 efficiency units, 104 one-bedroom units, and 52 two-bedroom units. The apartments would have 299 parking spaces, including 11 for the clubhouse.

A single-family house dating to 1900 located on a 2.97-acre parcel at 92 Plains Road and another single-family house dating to 1948 on 1.18-acres of land at 100 Plains Road would be demolished to make way for the apartments.

The shopping center would consist of one 60,000 square foot building with 249 parking spaces on six acres of land along the Post Road. The building would be near the existing shopping center at 232 Boston Post Road, where Aldi and other shops are located. A small warehouse building on 0.38-acres of land at 184 Boston Post Road would be demolished as part of this plan.

Metro 150 LLC registered with the Secretary of State on Nov. 7, 2016 and lists Metro Star Capital II LLC as manager. The latter LLC lists Metro Star Properties II LLC as member. This LLC lists Metro Star Properties LLC as its manager, which, in turn, lists Robert H. Smith Jr. of 50 Cherry St., as member.

The properties are owned by Jordan Realty LLC of Milford, which lists James R. Beard as member.

Jordan Realty has agreed to sell six acres of land at 130 and 150 Boston Post Road to the city of Milford, for construction of a new police station. The police station will be a separate parcel from the rest of the property.