Honda of Milford makes the switch to solar

Honda of Milford recently went live with their brand new high-performance solar energy system.

Last year, the then Courtney Honda showed interest in becoming grid-neutral. This means relying less on the utility grid as a source of energy, and relying more on renewable and economical sources of power.

Going solar would ultimately save the business thousands of dollars in utility expenses every year, and offset the dealership’s energy use while also reducing their carbon footprint.

Preparing for a sustainable future is important to Honda of Milford as their fleet of cars transition to electric vehicles or EVs. This transition will increase the amount of energy that the dealership typically uses annually mainly because of the need to charge these EVs, company officials said.

In addition to offsetting 90% of their utility demand, the environmental benefits of this solar system are also noteworthy, Honda officials said.

“The CO2 offset for example is equivalent to 85,939 pounds of coal burned, which is also equal to over 13 homes powered for one year,” states a company press release. “Honda of Milford is not just sustaining their business with solar power, but they are also contributing to the sustainability of our planet.”