Home health aide found dead in Milford

Milford police say it is a home health aide who was found dead in the area of East Rutland Road Tuesday.

In an initial report, the police said they were investigating an untimely death in the area of East Rutland Road, and noted that the death appeared to be an isolated incident.

On Wednesday morning police announced the person is a home care aide and said they are trying to positively identify her and notify her next of kin.

The medical examiner is set to perform an autopsy, police said on their Twitter page.

"The ME's findings, when released, will help determine the cause of death," the Twitter post states.

Police Spokesman Michael DeVito said that the person who lives in the house, while impaired, realized he had not seen the home health aide in some time and contacted family. The family came and found the aide deceased, DeVito said.

Police do not seem to think there is anything suspicious about the death, but are waiting for the medical examiner's report to make that determination.