Hippies to gather one more time on Milford Green

The Milford Green Hippies hung out on the Milford Green from 1968 to 1970, taking part in anti-war rallies, sporting sandals, and perhaps surreptitiously smoking a bit of pot.

“Headbands. Sandals. Granny glasses. Tye dyed shirts. Bell bottoms,” recalled Jeff Orton, who was one of those hippies.

They came from Milford High School and outside of the school, ranging in age from about 13 to 23. Some came from Stratford and West Haven to make their presence known on the downtown green, holding their anti-war signs, mingling, being part of the hippie culture.

They bummed cigarettes from one another and talked about concerts they’d been to, like Jimi Hendrix, who Orton said he saw in Bridgeport back in the day.

Sometimes passersby would show their disdain for the colorful gatherers: Some even threw trash at them, Orton recalled.

Those days are long gone. “It was a slice of life,” said Orton, who eventually became a registered nurse and now lives in Florida.

Gone, but maybe not forgotten. Orton is hosting a reunion of sorts on the Milford Green Friday, June 29, at 7 p.m., the day before the Milford High School All-Class Reunion, hoping some of the old hippies will stop by to reminisce.

“The old gang is meeting one last time,” Orton said. “You'd be amazed at where their life journeys have taken them.”