Have you seen Doc the parrot, missing since November?

Susan Maraczi is looking for help locating her missing parrot, a Patagonian conure named Doc.

Doc is about 20 years old and went missing in November from Snowflake Pet Center in Milford.

Christian Young, an attorney for Snowflake, said the kennel owners went to exhaustive efforts to find Doc, including filing a report with the Milford Police Department and calling in an animal psychic in an effort to find Doc.

There have been numerous postings on Facebook about the missing Doc, some placing blame on the kennel and others placing blame on Maraczi for leaving her pets much longer at the kennel while she undertook humanitarian efforts to aid hurricane victims in Antigua and various other locations.

Young said there is also a sizable bill to be settled with Snowflake Pet Center for the care of several other animals Maraczi left in their care during her mission.

The Milford Mirror will be following up on this story, but for now Maraczi said she just wants her bird back.

If anyone has information about Doc, she asks that they call the Milford Police Department, 203-878-6551, or email the Milford Mirror at editor@milfordmirror.com. Messages will be forwarded to Maraczi.

Young said the kennel owners also look forward to resolution and “the results of the ongoing police investigation.”