HAN Network Content Studio: Telling your business's story

It’s not easy being heard these days. And all the different forms of media can be confusing or overwhelming.

The HAN Network Content Studio was launched in 2015 to help our clients market themselves through effective storytelling through native or sponsored content creation.


“We have an incredibly talented group of writers and producers who know how to create, produce and distribute stories so people can find it and most importantly find the content compelling enough to interact with it,” said Martin V. Hersam, Chief Executive Officer of the HAN Network. “Our goal is always about bolstering your brand and getting more customers visiting your website, calling you, emailing you and walking through your door.”

Native content has become an important tool for businesses within the last few years. Many businesses are now finding that by augmenting their traditional print and digital advertising with a powerful native content campaign they are getting far better response.

These are not the advertorials of yesterday. At HAN, we create interesting videos, articles, online polls, lists and more.

“Every business and brand has a unique story and sometimes their brand or business pairs nicely within another narrative,” Hersam said. “For example what about the car dealership  that helped out a customer on Christmas eve when a customer was locked out of their car. Or the plumber who rescued a family heirloom that slipped down a drain. These are good stories that go untold.

“Sometimes it’s more of a subtle connection like memorable, summer, family backyard gathering, but the amenities at the gathering - the beautiful grill, the patio furniture and so on are all available at the retailer we are helping promote.”

Are you looking for a different way to show off your business? Do you want to reach a new audience or demographic? Let the HAN Network Content Studio build a story around your business.
Contact Jessica Murren at 203-273-7312 or jessica@han.network.