Gunlock distribution to begin in BOW area

ORANGE —A year ago, many children and adults lost their lives during a shooting rampage in Littleton, Colorado. The assains were children with access to firearms.

Following the Columbine tragedy, when Mitchell Goldblatt, first selectman of Orange, decided to run for office last year, he campaigned to put a curb on gun violence. During his inaugral address, he repeated that same pledge. And next week that pledge will befulfilled.

On Tuesday, April 25, a press conference will be held at the Orange Police Department to announce the first Bethany, Orange and Woodbridge gunlock distribution program. This Goldblatt says is thanks to the hard work of the BOW Task Force on Violence created following the Littleton tragedy.

Task force chair-woman Susan Cambria credits the free distribution of the safety devices to Gunlock, Inc. inventor Terry Gilbert of Hamden. He and his company have agreed to donate 300 locking devices with 100 going to each of the police departments.

The locks, which retail for $29.95 according to Gilbert, are not the typical lock being distributed in other localities. While most locks fit over the trigger, and can be by-passed with a thin instrument, the locks the task force is distributing are vastly different.

For one, the device will not work on a loaded weapon. The gun must be emptied and open for the lock to be applied. Another feature is the motion sensitive alarm that emits 110 decibles alerting parents if children decide to explore where they shouldn't. And too, it takes a key to remove the device.

Another feature of the lock is the fact that it will work on just about any type of gun, inlcuding revolvers, semi-automatics, semi-automatic shot guns, carbines and shotguns.

When asked what happens once the state of the art gunlocks have been distributed, Cambria said the task force is looking for businesses and people to subsidize the cost of future locks..

"We hope that concerned citizens and businesses will come forward and offer to participate in this program," Cambria said. She went on to point out that businesses who participate can have their business logo placed on the locking device.

Gilbert said that Gunlock, Inc. has been working with Congrresswoman Rosa DeLauro and is hopeful that its device will be incorporated into the DARE program nationwide.