Good will abounds after Sandy

Milford residents came together in force after Hurricane Sandy.
On Thursday afternoon Mayor Ben Blake called on Jonathan Law's Marching Band & Color Guard and its parent group to hand out flyers on Friday at Stop & Shop and K-Mart.

In less than eight hours they organized 28 parents and kids to hand out the flyers. On Thursday, K-Mart management didn't hesitate to let Jonathan Law Marching Band & Color Guard and the parent group use part of their parking lot to collect and hand out donations of food, clothing and new blankets on Saturday and Sunday.
“We collected food, clothing and new blankets for the residents of Milford,” one parent said. “Milford residents donated so much that it filled the 24-foot band and guard box truck and three SUVs with donations.”
On Sunday parents and students drove to the affected neighborhoods and walked block after block handing out flyers to residents.
Around Milford, similar acts of selflessness could be found. Residents organized collections at Wildermere Beach and passed out needed items to residents there. People in Bayview Beach and other affected areas did the same.
Scouts helped out, neighbors helped neighbors, and businesses helped wherever they could.
Chris Noble, who lives at Walnut Beach, spent his day after the storm organizing a fund-raiser for storm victims. “I walked around my neighborhood and it broke my heart,” he said, adding that the fund-raiser will be at Anthony D’s at 331 New Haven Avenue Saturday, Nov. 10, from noon to closing.
He plans to collect food, winter clothing and other donations. People can contact him at 203-606-5983 or for more information.
At Bayview Beach, one resident said all the community spirit went a long way.
“Volunteers collected food, water and hand warmers from local businesses and handed them out to anyone — those without power, workers or anyone whose spirits needed lifting,” said Catherine Urbain. “The storm was devastating, but I’m still so grateful to live in a community where people not only care about their neighbors, but go out of their way to help. The fire department and police were amazing as well.”