Good Samaritans save women from burning vehicle

UPDATE: Several passing motorists came to the rescue of two females who were trapped inside a burning vehicle Saturday near midnight on the southbound side of the Milford connector near Exit 2A.

The vehicle exited the roadway, overturned and came to rest on the driver’s side, while bursting into flames, according to Fire Battalion Chief Anthony Fabrizi.

“The driver of the vehicle managed to free herself from the wreckage,” Fabrizi said. “The two passengers remained trapped inside the vehicle while the flames intensified.”

Fabrizi said three passing motorists stopped to assist, breaking out the rear windshield, pulling the remaining two trapped female passengers to safety. The driver and two passengers were all treated on the scene and transported to Yale trauma center for evaluation under the care of Milford Fire Paramedics.

One of the Samaritans suffered burns to his hand and was treated at the scene, Fabrizi said.

Firefighters extinguished the blaze and checked the surrounding area as a precaution.

The condition of the vehicle’s occupants has not been released and the good Samaritans have yet to be identified by fire officials. The accident is currently under investigation by the state police.

Bill DeCarlo, one of the people who pulled the women out, posted a message on his Facebook page after the accident. He said there were four people involved in the rescue, and in his message he said he is looking for information about the others who helped during the rescue.

“Came upon a bad car accident on the RTE 15/ I-95 Milford connector in Milford CT. last night,” he wrote. “Car was on fire with two girls inside. There were four guys that helped pull the two 20-something-year-old girls out of the burning car with me. Never got their names. Just shook hands, said ‘good job’ and went our separate way.”

DeCarlo said one of the rescuers was a black man, 20 to 35 years old, who was wearing an SCSU shirt and lost his shoe in the mud near the car pulling the first girl out. The other two men were white, 20 to 35 years old, wearing light colored tee shirts.

“The first [guy] I never saw his face as he crawled back out of the car overcome by smoke after he tried to get the second girl out,” DeCarlo wrote. “His face was covered by his hands and the last thing he said was, ‘You two guys have to get her out now.’ As the fire got bigger and started to get to the back seat where the second girl was, the other unknown guy and I agreed we had to get her out now no matter what it took because it was getting real bad. As we yanked/dragged her out she caught fire on her head, shoulders and back. As we yanked her up and out of the car I had to put out the fire with my free hand until we got far enough away before the whole car was gone.”

DeCarlo asks for help finding the other rescuers.
“My thought is I'd like to have a beer and shake these total strangers’ hands again,” he wrote.
Another Facebook posting from Chad Fisher recounts more of the scene.

"Last night I was on the Milford connector getting onto 95 North and I noticed a car was turned over and on fire," Fisher wrote. "Unlike the cars in front of me who had kept driving, I stopped to help. There were two people injured and trapped in the car. Another man finally stopped to help me, and gave me something to break the window with. More people showed up. I broke the rear window and we dragged two of them out and away from the car. By the time the second one was out, the car was completely up in flames."