Goldblatt seeks second term

ORANGE - Democratic First Selectman Mitchell Goldblatt today announced his desire to seek a second term as Orange First Selectman.

The long-time community servant said there was still more he wants to accomplish.

"I have greatly enjoyed being the first selectman of Orange," Goldblatt said.

"This past year-and-a-half has been both challenging and exciting. But there is more that I want to do for the residents of this fine town," Goldblatt said.

Goldblatt said that he has laid the groundwork with the Economic and Development Commission and would like to see its growth to fruition.. He also said he would like to satisfy the open space and recreation needs of his community

During his tenure, the chief elected official has accomplished a great deal but said he feels his greatest accomplishment thus far was the acquisition of the D'Amato property.

Valued at $2 to $2.4 million, he managed to maneuver a purchase price of $1.75 million with the town paying $875,000 and receiving the largest grant to date from the state for the balance.

Besides wangling the purchase price, Goldblatt managed to convince an equally split board of selectmen to go forward with the referendum allowing the townspeople to make the decision. Following an initial tie-vote straight down party lines the first selectman had to put the D'Amato property purchase back on the agenda for a second time.

A heavy turnout of residents packed the meeting room during that evening and a party split by Republican Dottie Berger allowed the proposed purchase to go to referendum where it passed overwhelmingly

Before being elected first selectman in 1999, Goldblatt served on the board of selectmen from 1993 to 1999. He was a member of the Town Plan and Zoning Commission from 1979 to 1981.

In addition he chaired the Committee for Orange Television, the Orange Public Library Building Committee, the Orange Fire House Building Committee and the Orange Inland Wetlands and Water Courses Commission.

He has also served on the BOW Task Force on Violence Prevention, Orange Pension Board, Orange Town Seal, Orange Jubilee, Orange Open Space and Orange Sesquicentennial Committee's. He is also on the Council of Government Board of Directors and Connecticut Conference of Municipalities Executive Council where he serves as its secretary.

Goldblatt's community activities are numerous. He has participated in the annual MS Walks, the Relay for Life when it was held in the BOW community for three years, the annual Orange Children's Duathlon, the Orange Volunteer Firemen Carnival, the Special Olympics and Easter Seals Telethon VIP's,. He is a life member of the Orange Land Trust, Orange Foundation and Orange Historical Society.

Prior to serving as first selectman, Goldblatt was the Purchasing Supervisor at SVG Lithography Division in Ridgefield.

He has a MBA in Management from the University of New haven and a BA in Political Science from Muhlenberg College.

He is married to Abby Isko Goldblatt, have two children Carl and Shayna and is 43 years old.