Glastonbury resident joins crowded pool of candidates for Connecticut governor

HARTFORD >> While most of the candidates eyeing a run for governor in 2018 are only exploring the idea, Glastonbury resident Betheona ‘Bethy’ Guiles-Smith said she’s all in.

The state employee who works in the Office of the State Building Inspector said she filed her paperwork last week and intends to run for the Democratic Party’s nomination.

Guiles-Smith, 51, said she’s focused on helping the middle class and small businesses, who often go ignored by state policymakers.

She said middle class residents who fall on hard times shouldn’t have to worry about filing for bankruptcy and should be able to access help. She said it’s not fair that low-income residents who receive benefits from the federal government such as Section 8 housing vouchers get a hand up and the middle class that contributed tax dollars to fund the program get nothing.

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