Girls camp planned to honor late Maren Sanchez: Donation deadline extended

UPDATE: The deadline for the campaign has been extended until midnight on Tuesday, Aug. 28. As of 3 p.m. Monday, the gofundme page had raised about $13,000 of a $21,000 goal.

A gofundme page has been created to help start a girls camp in memory of the late Maren Sanchez.

The account was started by Maren’s mother, Donna Cimarelli, who hopes to raise money for the camp to mark Maren’s 21st birthday, Aug. 26, 2018.

“We are asking you to donate $21 to help us put the building blocks in place for the Maren Sanchez Girls Camp – a wonderful, magical camp where girls and young women from anywhere can attend. They’ll learn life-changing skills. Resilience. Self-defense. Compassion. Skills that will teach them to be leaders and save lives,” the gofundme page states.
From the gofundme page:
(The following was taken directly from the page, which can be found at:

Our Story

Maren was a smart, beautiful and creative soul whose energy promised to change the world.

She was a beacon in the community. A lover of music. A uniter of people. A popular and caring influence.

Her life was taken from us far too early at just 16 years old. She was the victim of a violent attack while in her school. What was supposed to be a safe place turned into a source of brutality and cruelty.

Now, through the Maren Sanchez Home Foundation, Maren’s energy lives on stronger than ever. It touches more people than ever. And we are using that energy to change the world.

We educate young women and parents about topics like bullying, manipulation, and assault. We train people to be life savers, and not bystanders. In other words, we EMPOWER. We empower families so they don’t have to endure the loss and pain of Maren’s family. We empower people to take situations that are brutal and cruel, and turn them back into safe places.

Our Camp

The Maren Sanchez Home Foundation has a vision for inspiring, empowering camps. Girls and young women from anywhere in the world can attend. Just like Maren, they learn how to be confident, empowered action takers. They learn how to support and nurture people of all shapes, sizes, interests, and ethnicities. They learn to see potential in people, and how to harness it.

In our vision, the camp also teaches them the truth about risks. They learn how to look for, avoid, and take action around bullying, manipulation, assault, and intimidation. They take our Her-Self Defense class, which is already a proven success and empowered many young women.

We see a future where girls and young women leave our camp and take their empowerment, self-confidence, and knowledge home to communities around the globe. They help educate and empower others in their families, schools, sports, teams, and playgrounds. And we help shape a global movement to safeguard our young people and give power to positivity.

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise $21,000 from August 1 through August 26. We need only $21 from only 1,000 people! These funds will help us create the foundation of our camp. Draft a concrete plan, scout and secure locations, purchase equipment, and more. All those important building blocks.