Garden club seeks photographs of Milford's official city flower

The Milford Garden Club is looking for photographs of the new official city flower for an exhibit in December.

In April, the City of Milford voted for a city flower as part of the city’s 375th anniversary celebration.

The Echinacea purpurea Magnus, commonly known as the Eastern Purple Coneflower, was chosen because it is a Connecticut native perennial that has historical significance in Milford.

According to garden club members, it was used by Native Americans for herbal and medicinal purposes to ward off infection and disease, and to relieve pain.

In a letter to the mayor earlier this year, Garden Club representative Bunny Elmore said the club supported the Eastern Purple Coneflower because it is native to the state, it was used by Native Americans and because it has a long bloom time, from June through August.

It's also a bright flower that attracts bees and butterflies; it's deer resistant, drought tolerant and wind resistant.

“Inexpensive and widely available, it is among the top five perennials in sales,” Elmore wrote.

The Milford Garden Club will exhibit photographs taken of Milford’s official flower at the Milford Public Library in December, said club representative Kathy Kobishyn.

The club is hoping residents will take photographs of the city flower that they planted or that they observe at public gardens.

Digital photographs may be sent to The submitter should include their name and contact information and location of the flowers in the body of the email.