GOP chair says Fucci should resign school post because she moved

Milford Republican Town Committee Chairman Paul Beckwith today called upon Democratic Board of Education Majority Leader Laura Fucci to step down immediately from the board due to a residence issue.

“City land records and property transfers confirm that Laura Fucci is no longer residing within the Fifth District which she was elected to represent,” Beckwith said. “The City Charter is clear: Elected officials must reside within the designated boundaries of the district they were elected to represent.”

Democratic Town Committee Chairman Rich Smith responded that Fucci has bought a house in the Fourth District, but she hasn’t completely moved into that house yet.

She still has her house in the Fifth District, he said, arguing that means she can still serve on the board in that district.

When she has officially moved, she will resign from the school board, Smith said.

Beckwith maintains that Fucci hasn’t lived in the Fifth District for a month.

“Mrs. Fucci is no longer residing in the Fifth District and has not been since early December. She is now illegally serving on the Board of Education and must resign immediately,” Beckwith stated.

“It is wrong for her to be taking part in budget deliberations, casting votes, or participating in any other Board of Education business decisions,” said Beckwith, adding “It is shameful that Milford Democrats are knowingly violating our Charter and depriving the residents and taxpayers of the Fifth District their rightful and legitimate voice on the Board of Education.”

Smith accused Beckwith of simply launching a political attack.

“Mr. Beckwith’s motivation is simply to hurl unfounded political attacks, something the people of Milford have empathetically rejected,” Smith said. “If Mr. Beckwith was genuinely interested in Ms. Fucci’s living arrangement he would have called Ms. Fucci or me to inquire. Instead, he chose to issue a half-cocked, misinformed and 'over the top' press release.

“Had he truly been concerned," Smith continued, "he would have called Ms. Fucci or me and we would have told him that, yes, indeed, Ms. Fucci and her family are in the process of moving into a bigger house in the city's Fourth District to accommodate their growing family but they do, still, have their home in the Fifth. We would have thanked him for his interest.”

He said Fucci has every intention of stepping down when she has moved.