Friends of the Milford Library award scholarships to seniors

The Friends of the Milford Library (FOML) have awarded their annual FOML Scholarship to high school seniors Anna Jani from Joseph A. Foran High School and Tasbita Ahmed from Jonathan Law High School.

“We are always impressed with the level of dedication and commitment these students display toward the greater Milford Community,” said Pam Pilla, president of the FOML. “The scholarships are a great way to recognize students for their hard work throughout the school year. We hope that the scholarships will help the students meet some of the challenges they will face during their first semester of college.”

Winners were selected for their outstanding personal characters, the positive impact they have made on their school and community and their demonstrated strong, and consistent, love of reading. All winners were chosen by the faculty at their respective schools.

The Friends of the Milford Public Library is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 volunteer organization. All proceeds raised by the Friends are used to fund children and adult programs, museum passes, and expenses not covered by the Milford city budget. For questions or further information about the organization, email