Former Knights of Columbus will be used for parking

Chevrolet of Milford, 655 Bridgeport Avenue, recently received unanimous approval from the Planning and Zoning Board of a site plan to temporarily park 214 vehicles for a six-month period at 625 Bridgeport Avenue, the location of the former Knights of Columbus Hall. The application was because the property has not previously been used for this purpose.

Sanford Realty LLC purchased the 1.26-acre property from the MKC Club, Milford Knights of Columbus. The LLC lists Craig Zoufaly as partner and Dennis Zoufaly as member, both of 655 Bridgeport Ave., which is the location of Chevrolet of Milford.

Craig is president of Chevrolet of Milford and Dennis is vice president and director. Craig shows an address of West Palm Beach, Fl., while Dennis has an address of Madison, Conn.