Foran will be open Thursday

Dr. Elizabeth Feser, Superintendent of Schools, said Joseph A. Foran High School will re-open on Thursday, Sept. 4, after being closed for two days due to a malfunctioning air conditioning system at the school.

“We are happy to report Foran High School will re-open tomorrow at the regular time and we anticipate it will be a normal, full day of school,” Feser said.

In a press release distributed yesterday, district officials reported an air-conditioning system motor had malfunctioned at the school – causing unsafe conditions in the building. Students were dismissed early as a result, and school remained closed on Wednesday, as well.

The district has addressed the slippery conditions on the floors prompted by the air conditioning not working and the high temperatures and humidity. Temperatures within the building were monitored all day today.

“I visited Foran today and am satisfied that the school is ready to receive students and staff,” Dr. Feser said. “I wish to thank the community for its patience and support over the past two days and hope students will quickly resume their studies.”