Foran will be closed again Wednesday due to AC failure

Foran High School will be closed Wednesday because of air conditioning problems. The school dismissed early Tuesday because the air conditioning had failed.

Technicians called to Foran High School Tuesday reported that the motor associated with the school’s air conditioning system had failed and must be replaced, school officials said. Administrators became aware of the system’s malfunction upon arriving to school Tuesday morning.

Given that Foran High School was built in the ‘70s when energy conservation was a priority, the school was designed with very few windows and even fewer that open to the outside.  As a result, the reliance upon air conditioning at the school is crucial, school officials said.

"This morning, as a result of the failed system, there was a quick build-up of condensation causing the floors throughout the building to become very slippery and hazardous," School Spokesman Kathy Bonetti said Tuesday. "Foran’s students were released at 10:00 a.m."

It is expected that the adverse conditions existing Tuesday will continue Wednesday and, therefore, Foran High School will be closed on Wednesday, Sept. 3.  Decisions on school operation for the remainder of the week at Foran will be communicated as they are determined.

District facilities and maintenance officials, as well as the contractor who services the unit, described the failure as “totally unexpected.”  The life expectancy of the unit in place is 25-30 years; the unit at Foran is only eight years old and it has been routinely maintained since its installation, officials said.

“We are committed to doing everything we can to correct this problem as expeditiously as possible,” said Dr. Elizabeth Feser, superintendent.

Foran High Principal Max Berkowitz has been working closely with central office administration in determining next steps.

Dr. Feser has communicated with the families of Foran High School, as well as the entire Foran staff, and will continue to do so in the days ahead as news becomes available.