Foran High School graduates told to dream big

Foran High School Salutatorian David Glowny challenged the class of 2014 to dream big and dare to change the world.

During graduation exercises at Foran High School Monday evening, David said a common question on all of the seniors’ minds has probably been, “Where do I go from here?”

But the question should be “not where do I go from here but how can I make a difference and how can I change the world,” he said.

Looking at a field of gowned graduates, he mentioned the Wright Brothers, Disney and Amazon, people and companies that started small with little more than a dream. He challenged the graduates to dream big.

Class Valedictorian Erin Dunn carried that theme forward and told fellow graduates that now is their time to begin ushering change and progress into their world, carrying on massive advances their generation has seen in technology, communication and social media.

Changes have been monumental, she said, noting that in their lifetime they have seen the first African American president, and she commented that they may see the first female president before too long.

“Always do your best at what you do,” Erin said, but she urged them to temper their strides with balance and to remember to relax at times and to have fun.

School Principal Max Berkowitz told the graduates that success can mean different things to different people. “Some day it may mean you are a loving and caring parent,” he said, advising the students to stay true to themselves throughout life.

Class President Valeriya Pozdnyakova recalled that four years ago when the students were labeled the class of 2014, the title seemed “futuristic.”

And today, “high school is a memory,” she said.

School Supt. Dr. Elizabeth Feser mentioned the tragedy at Jonathan Law High School when she addressed the students. She said it was the community that helped students and staff deal with the murder of 16-year-old Maren Sanchez, and she urged the graduates to always remain part of a community.

“You owe a debt of gratitude to the people who touched your lives over the past 17 years,” Feser said. “Your family, friends and the Milford community invested in you.”

Dr. Feser said “the spirit of a community has the power to build anew” and she encouraged the graduates to help make their communities stronger as they move through life.

The Foran class of 2014 consisted of 227 graduates.

Erin, the class valedictorian, will be attending the University of Connecticut in the fall, where she will enter the Honors Program to major in political science. She would like to pursue a career in Washington, D.C., and work as a senatorial adviser.

David will attend Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute in the fall, where he plans to major in computer and systems engineering. As for the future, David hopes to work in the computer design field and says his dream job would be to work at Google, Apple or Microsoft.

Valeriya, the class president, will be majoring in biochemistry at Quinnipiac University in the fall.