Fledgling author writes about birds

Author Tammy DiCenso

Author Tammy DiCenso

DERBY >> Many people walk along the Greenway every day, but resident Tammy DiCenso’s recent stroll with her husband changed her life.

On that day, DiCenso, 57, a full-time office manager, spotted a Canada goose and some goslings.

She grabbed her camera and snapped some pictures. A stranger offered DiCenso his zoom lens, and the image she snapped of a chick nestled snugly on its mother’s back was simply incredible.

Not only did that picture open her eyes and inspire DiCenso to delve further into her passion for photography, but she took it another step and wrote her first children’s book.

It stars the Canada geese, along with many other feathered friends that DiCenso loves to photograph.

“Do You Want to Take a Selfie?” was self-published this fall by DiCenso, a mother of two, and is available on Amazon.

DiCenso will have a “milk and cookies” reception 2-4 p.m. Jan. 7 at the Woodbridge Town Library, 10 Newton Road, where 30 of her photos are on display.

She will read and sign copies of “Selfie.”

She already has a second book in the works, which she hopes to release early this year.

DiCenso’s photographs are also on display at Artfish42, 42 Naugatuck Ave., Milford.

“It is just a beautiful story,” DiCenso explained.

“A baby Canadian goose is asking the other birds if they would take a selfie, but they are too busy. He finally asks his mom and she is happy to take one.

“Life is like that, we are always too busy, and as a parent when it comes to your children, you will do anything for them,” she said.

The idea behind the “selfie” theme is especially relevant when almost everyone who owns a cellphone is no stranger to snapping pictures of themselves.

DiCenso said she’s never been much of a bird person, let alone an author, but she was hooked when she and her husband, Kelly, returned to the Greenway. They saw magnificent loons, swans, terns, yellow crown night herons, piping plovers, ospreys, purple martins, ducks, and of course, those Canada geese. She combined her love of photos, and now birds, into a book that she believes both parents and children alike will adore.

DiCenso’s neighbor Linda Fusco bought several copies of the book, and had Dicenso autograph each for the kids on Fusco’s gift list.

“The story line is simple, but what makes the book so special are the photographs that Tammy, herself, has taken of birds native to our area,” said Fusco.

“From eagles to osprey, to swans and ducks, the pictures are lovely and the birds are identified. It’s a nice way for children to learn about the birds. The sentences are also simple and easy to read.

“Children learning to read can master the book easily. And the best part is that the book has a happy ending and the mama is the heroine! All of us mamas, of course, love being the heroine!” Fusco said.

Canada geese.