First storm of year cost city $55,000

The first storm of the new year, although less severe than originally projected, cost the city almost $55,000 between plow hours and sand.

“The city threw everything we had at the snow storm to clear the streets,” said Mayor Ben Blake. “Our plow crews worked around the clock and we are all grateful for their hard work and dedication.”

The storm hit Jan. 3, bringing about seven inches of snow, which has by now been mostly washed away by rain.

Crews started plowing city streets at 2 a.m. Jan. 3, and continued plowing and sanding through the night and the next day, as temperatures dropped from 29 degrees to about 11 degrees.

Man hours, at time and a half, came to almost $21,000, and hours at double time came to almost $1,000. Outside contractors cost the city $25,000, and sand and salt came in at $7,200.