Firefighters rescue kitten from inside of rental car's engine compartment

Christina Cannistraci of Milford got more options than she wanted on her rental car.

Over the past few days since picking up the car from a rental agency in New Haven, every once and awhile she thought she heard a soft meowing, but could not determine where it was coming from, according to Fire Department Spokesman Greg Carman.

“Last night Christina and a friend were coming out from a local coffee shop when they both could hear the faint meowing and tracked it down to the engine compartment,” Carman said.

The Milford Fire Department responded with Engine 6 manned by Lieutenant Gavin O’Brien, Firefighter Luke Kyer and Brett Corris, who spent the next 40 minutes playing hide seek with the small scared kitten as it ran around the car’s engine compartment. Finally the kitten was caught and handed over to Cannistraci.

“The kitten seems to be about 14 weeks old and in good health, but it is unknown how long she has been in the car or where she first got in,” Carman said.

Cannistraci stopped by the firehouse the next morning to thank the firefighters and show them how well her new, and as yet unnamed, adopted kitten is doing.

Milford Animal Hospital has offered to give the kitten a free examination to check on its present health and assist the new pet owner with any additional care if needed.