Firefighters offer fall fire safety tips

As summer comes to an end and fall brings cooler weather the Milford Fire Department has provided some safety tips and reminders.

They are as follows:

“When parking your car, avoid piles of leaves. The heat from the catalytic converter and exhaust system may ignite them and the resulting fire may damage or destroy your car.”

“Check all smoke and CO detectors.”

Fire officials recommend changing the battery in the fall when you change your clocks.

“It has been reported that 20% of the smoke detectors in homes fail due to missing or dead batteries,” according to a list of fire safety tips. “Smoke detectors have a life cycle of about 10 years, some manufacturers offer a unit with a sealed 10-year battery, and this may be an option to avoid that untimely chirping in the middle of the night.”

With the start of heating season it is important to have working CO detectors in the house.

Heating appliances should be serviced and chimney flues checked for defects, including fireplaces and wood stoves.

“If you burn wood, check for creosote buildup in the flue pipes and the appliance itself,” firefighters advise. “Burning seasoned hardwoods is recommended, and try to avoid soft woods like pine. The most important thing for fireplace and wood stove safety is to remove the ashes in a metal container to the outside, placing them away from the house.”

Milford firefighters also suggest coming up with a fire escape plan. Each room should have an escape route and a designated meeting place for family members when they get outside.

Once you get out, call 911 for help.