Firefighters in Milford deliver baby at home

Milford firefighters sent out on a call Thursday night wound up delivering a baby.

It isn’t often that firefighters get maternity calls, said Fire Department Spokesman Greg Carman, who reported that both mom and baby were doing fine after the delivery.

The Milford mom, waiting for the arrival of her fifth child, went to the hospital on Wednesday and was sent home, firefighters said.

Thursday night, she was apparently more than ready to deliver and the family called for an ambulance at 11:43 p.m. Firefighters arrived at the Meadow Street home at 11:48 p.m., and the baby — a boy — was delivered at 12:07 a.m. Friday.

Responding firefighters and paramedics originally thought to transport the woman to the hospital, but there wasn’t enough time for that.

The responding firefighters were Lt. Adam Hansen, and firefighters Ryan Antonino, and Phil Ragusa from Engine 7, and Pat McGee and Joseph DeMartino from Engine 1.

Carman said the responders were happy when they returned from the call.

“It’s a really good feeling,” Carman said.

The mom and newborn were taken to Bridgeport Hospital after the delivery, which is protocol, Carman said.

Carman said he believes the couple’s fourth child was delivered at  home by the father.

“So this wasn’t anything new to them,” Carman said.

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