Firefighters give lifeguards extra training

Milford’s lifeguards, who work for the Recreation Department, have joined forces with the Milford Fire Department to make sure city beaches are as safe as can be.

For the past few years the fire department has trained with city lifeguards, practicing such skills as first aid, CPR and physical fitness.

This year the guards have stepped it up due to Milford Fire Lieutenant Eric Mohr taking over as the principle trainer. They continue to practice skills in first aid and basic CPR. They have been able to focus on water rescue skills and more advanced medical care, like the use of an AED for sudden cardiac arrest.

The guards at Milford's biggest beaches, Gulf and Walnut, have been equipped with two brand new AED's, according to Milford Fire Battalion Chief Anthony Fabrizi. “Lieutenant Mohr, having been a lifeguard himself, as well as a paramedic, has been able to challenge the lifeguards to a higher level of training,” Fabrizi said.

The lifeguards meet with Mohr and members of the Milford Fire Department Friday mornings before they report for duty patrolling Milford's beaches.

Fabrizi said this ensures the public that a well trained and well equipped staff of lifeguards is on duty at Milford's Beaches.