Fire destroys 2 homes, damages another on Melba Street

Two Melba Street homes were destroyed this afternoon, and another badly damaged, during a roaring fire that firefighters say was exacerbated by wind.
An earlier report from the Milford Fire Department stated that a candle caused the fire, but the department later said that statement was made in error, and that the cause has yet to be determined.
The Milford Fire Department responded to 74 Melba Street at 1:36 p.m. Saturday and upon arrival, heavy fire conditions were already well advanced in the single family home, according to Fire Department Spokesman Greg Carman.
One person was at home when he noticed smoke starting to fill the building and was able to leave without injury.
“Fire crews began an aggressive attack on the fire but the winds kept the fire intensity strong and the fire began to spread to the adjoining buildings,” Carman said. “More fire crews were called to the scene as operations switched to a defensive mode to keep the fire from spreading any further.”
Firefighters said water pressure in the area became a problem until the water company was able to boost the pressure and additional manpower was used to stretch supply hoses to other water mains.
“The fire building is a total loss, along with the home to the west at 70 Melba Street,” Carman said. “The home to the east received extensive damage to one side and its roof, plus interior damage from heat, smoke and water exposure.”
In all, approximately 30 firefighters were on scene from Milford and West Haven Fire Departments until most were cleared from the area at 5:39 p.m.
There were no reported injuries to any of the occupants of the three buildings or to any of the firefighters, Carman said.
Fire crews from Stratford and West Haven were stationed in Milford to cover any other emergency calls while Milford firefighters were busy at the fire scene.