Fire Department responds to gas leak at Milford Power Company

The Milford Fire Department was at the Milford Power Company several hours this morning, responding to a gas leak.

The Milford Fire Department responded to a call about a gas leak at 7:58 a.m. The leak was from a Southern Connecticut Gas Company high pressure gas pipe that supplies the power plant.

The Milford Power Company had shut down its operations as a precaution and the gas line also was shut down, said Fire Department Spokesman Greg Carman.

“Personnel from both the Power Company and Southern Connecticut Gas are working together to pinpoint the exact location of the leak,” Carman said.

The Milford Fire Department had set up for firefighting operations if needed and had crews monitor the areas around the nearby homes and business for dangerous levels of gas.

All areas checked were found safe, the gas leak had been stopped, and fire department personnel were cleared from the scene by 9:37 a.m.