Finance board debates school spending plan: Votes to leave it intact

The Board of Finance voted to leave the 2013-14 budget proposals pretty much intact when it met Wednesday night.

Under the board-approved budget, the total city and school spending plan for 2013-14 stands at $194,507,618, and would produce a mill rate of 26.32, up from the current rate of 25.67.

However, the Board of Aldermen still has to review the spending plan and make the final decision.

The finance board shaved about $100,000 from the city side of the proposed package and left the school board request alone.

Board members debated the school board allocation for a while after two members said they wanted to reduce it by $225,000. The school board’s request came in at a 2.29% increase over the current year, and Joseph Fitzpatrick and Joseph Castignoli said they felt more comfortable with a 2% increase.

Chairman Brian Lema and member Scott Marlow said they thought the school board came in with a reasonable number and suggested they’d like to leave the request as is.

When it came time to vote, member Mickel Montano issued the tie-breaking decision, voting in favor of the school board’s request, so it was not reduced.

Taxes on the typical Milford home with a market value of $311,070 would rise $157 next fiscal year under the new spending plan as it stands now.

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