MILFORD >> This is the last offering of “It Happened in Milford.” We would like to thank those who have read and enjoyed our weekly column. We thank the members of the press who have published our column in print and online. We thank the 375th Anniversary Committee for its support and encouragement. We owe a special thank you to Priscilla Lynn for her crash course in publicity and for her patience.

The Milford Historical Society has been an integral part of the 375th Committee. The Historical Society gave its blessing for us to write these columns, provided almost all of the pictures, and encouraged us to continue our weekly submissions. The society worked closely with the 375th committee to provide tours and historical information throughout the year.

We left the big stories to re-enactments, First Church events, the parade, concerts, and the diverse programs of the 375th Committee. We salute Milford Living for its outstanding summer 2014 publication highlighting Milford history. Our goal was to present three tidbits of information each week. Each entry for that week would highlight a different century. Entries were meant to inform, entertain, and feature changes along the shores of the Wepawaug.

We encourage our readers to get involved in preserving our city’s history. The Milford Historical Society, Preservation Trust and the Friends of Milford Cemetery are all groups looking for volunteers, members, and financial support. Through our involvement in these groups we will make the celebration of Milford’s 400th anniversary even more special.

Happy Birthday, Milford!