Faulty valve on propane tank causes gas leak at Platt

Platt students got to go home early today because of a gas leak from a propane tank.

Fire Department Spokesman Greg Carman said that today at about 8 a.m. the department responded to a call about a gas leak from a 500 pound propane tank outside the back of the school building on Orange Avenue.

“We set up hose lines as a precaution and began to use gas meters on the interior of the school,” Carman said. “All areas of the school were found safe, but monitoring was continued throughout the incident.”

Staff and students were assembled in the gymnasium until an orderly dismissal was conducted by fire, police and school staff. Technicians from AmeriGas arrived and determined that a faulty valve on the propane tank was causing the leak.

The Fire Department and AmeriGas worked together to stop the leak. AmeriGas will be removing the tank soon. All Emergency personnel had cleared the scene by 11:13 a.m.