Familiesdonate11.5 acresto trust

WOODBRIDGE — The Woodbridge Land Trust has acquired 11½ acres of wetlands and woodlands in the town of Woodbridge, bordering the Naugatuck State Forest and adjacent to land owned by the trust.

The Woodbridge Land Trust is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization committed to protecting, preserving and conserving Woodbridge’s open spaces. As part of the trust’s holdings, this land will now be protected and preserved as open space in perpetuity.

“This pristine property has a wealth of indigenous flora and fauna native to our town. The property will have walking trails available for the public to enjoy,” according to Land Trust President Bryan Pines.

The acquisition was made possible through the donations of the James and William Fieber families and will forever be known as the Fieber Preserve, in honor of Norman Fieber.

“It has been our pleasure to work with the Woodbridge Land Trust to preserve this beautiful property in its natural state for the public to enjoy. Our family has a history and continued interest in land preservation and responsible development. We encourage others to support the Woodbridge Land Trust to preserve open space for future generations to appreciate,” James Fieber said.

Contact the Woodbridge Land Trust at woodbridgelandtrust@gmail.com or visit woodbridgelandtrust.org to learn more about how to make a tax-deductible monetary or land donation and opportunities to actively participate in the trust’s conservation efforts.