FEMA aid adds to Woodbridge treasury

WOODBRIDGE — Through the efforts of the Woodbridge Volunteer Fire Department, the town was a little richer following Tropical Storm Irene and will likely recoup a similar amount related to Hurricane Sandy.

Finance Director Tony Genovese said the town received $10,311 from the federal government for the 687.4 hours the volunteer firefighters worked because of Irene.

Genovese said he expects the town will receive Federal Emergency Management Agency aid once again because of firefighters’ efforts after he submits an application for Hurricane Sandy assistance.

“It’s a very elaborate process,” Genovese said.

Fire Chief Sean Rowland told the Board of Fire Commissioners at its November meeting that the all-volunteer department spent an entire week helping the town get back on its feet following Sandy.

“To take a week off of work is huge,” said Fire Commission Chairman Elia Alexiades.

By the time the storm had passed, the firefighters had responded to 189 calls.

They also delivered numerous generators to the infirm.

Deputy Fire Chief Chris Parietti said he led a crew that worked for 22 hours straight during the storm. In the days following, firefighters worked 14- to 16-hour days.