‘Every Penny Counts:’ Home Energy Solutions offers savings for local families

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Bridgeport resident Amarlis Colon is a single mother of five who understands the importance of saving money wherever she can.

As someone who diligently monitors the energy consumption in her apartment, she was puzzled when her lighting and gas bills were increasing nearly every month. After attempting to reduce energy costs through makeshift solutions — including duct-taping cotton balls around her windows and doors — Colon inquired about an insert in her United Illuminating (UI) bill regarding the Home Energy Solutions – Income Eligible program.

Offered as part of the Energize Connecticut initiative, Home Energy Solutions – Income Eligible provides approximately $1,000 in no-cost weatherization services to individuals meeting certain income requirements. These energy assessments are performed by authorized energy efficiency vendors and are designed to improve comfort while simultaneously lowering energy bills. The average home saves around $200 a year.

“Home Energy Solutions- Income Eligible provides homeowners and renters the professional assistance necessary to identify and fix areas of energy loss, help increase comfort and reduce costs,” said Maritza Estremera, Home Energy Solutions – Income Eligible Program Manager, United Illuminating.

After performing a comprehensive analysis of Colon’s home, UI approved vendor CMC Energy Services confirmed her suspicions that drafts were a major culprit for the spikes in her bill. After they conducted blower-door guided air and duct sealing, Colon was able to better manage the temperature of her home.

“When you have five kids, every penny counts,” said Colon. “Now I can maintain a comfortable temperature year-round without breaking the bank.”

Colon’s Home Energy Solutions – Income Eligible Assessment produced an average savings of $20 to $30 per month during the warmer periods of the years. During the winter, her costs remain relatively the same but she is able to easily keep her home warm and her family no longer requires heavy layers of clothing indoors.

Additionally, Colon was surprised when CMC Energy Services informed her that her current LED bulbs were not providing the best possible savings since they were not ENERGY STAR® certified. As she was not aware that different types of LED bulbs existed, Colon was amazed to see the difference on her bill after her old bulbs were replaced with high-efficiency models.

“CMC Energy Services explained every aspect of my assessment thoroughly and I never felt confused or overwhelmed,” added Colon. “Everyone should give this program a chance.”

To learn how a Home Energy Solutions assessment can improve your home, and to see if you are eligible to receive these services at no-cost or for a modest co-pay,  call 1-877-WISE-USE or visit EnergizeCT.com.