A group of Milford aldermen, environmental activists and others plan to provide grocery shoppers with information and answer questions about the new plastic bag ban law that takes effect on Aug. 1 and the new fee charged for plastic and paper bags. The information session will be today, Aug. 1, at Shop Rite Milford from 4 to 6 p.m.

Aldermen Bryan Anderson (D-5) who chairs the aldermanic Public Works Committee, and serves on the boards of Milford Speaks Out and the Milford Land Conservation Trust, Alderman Karen Fortunati (D-5) who chairs Milford Recycling Task Force, Alderman Jeremy Grant (R-2), vice chair of the Recycling Task Force, and former Alderman Ellen Russell Beatty will participate.

Representatives from Environmental Concerns Coalition, Milford Environmental Progress Initiative, Milford Speaks Out, and the Recycling Task Force will be present to hand out fliers, speak with consumers, provide durable multiuse bags, and other hand outs.