Durst sentenced on gun charge

Robert Durst’s plea agreement was approved by a federal judge in New Orleans today.

Judge Kurt Engelhardt sentenced Durst to seven years and one month in prison after Durst pleaded guilty to a weapons charge.

Durst, who is a convicted felon, is not legally permitted to have a gun. When the FBI arrested Durst in March 2015 over concerns that he would flee the country while the FBI investigated his connection to the murder of Susan Berman, they found him in possession of a .38-caliber revolver.

Engelhardt also agreed to Durst’s attorney’s request that Durst serve his sentence in a low-security federal prison in California. In a legal filing, Durst’s attorneys noted Durst’s “advanced age and poor health” when they requested that he be placed at FCI Terminal Island, a federal prison just outside Los Angeles.

At the sentencing, Durst said he hoped the judge would agree to send him to FCI Terminal Island so he can also move forward with the murder charges against him in California in relation to the death of Berman.

“I’ve been waiting to get to California for a year so I can state my not-guilty” in Berman’s killing, Durst said. “If there’s anything you can do to speed up that process, I would truly, truly appreciate it. I am not guilty of murdering Susan Berman.”

According to Durst’s plea agreement, he must be transferred to Los Angeles by Aug. 18.

He also is being sued by his missing wife’s family for $100 million. Ann McCormack, Kathleen McCormack Durst’s mother, and her three sisters, Carol Bamonte, Mary Hughes and Virginia McKeon, who filed the lawsuit on Nov. 30 of last year, argue that Robert Durst violated the family’s right to sepulcher. This is a law that grants the family the right to take immediate possession of the deceased’s body for burial purposes.

Durst was the subject of an HBO series, The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, which explored his connection to the disappearance of his wife Kathleen in addition to the deaths of Berman and Morris Black.