Dip Top gets new owner

ORANGE - Dip Top, a summer ritual for residents, will be back in operation this spring after surviving a winter fire five years ago.

New owner Ronald Enmerthal bought the 14-year-old business from Theresa Brennan who made the seasonal business a family tradition.

Enmerthal said he intends to keep all the old favorites; soft serve, dips, sundaes and shakes but plans to also carry a premium line of European ice cream.

"The new line is a mix between hard and soft ice cream similar to Gelatio. It's very rich but light at the same time," he said.

While the new - and improved - Dip Top will continue to be a take out style ice cream parlor, there will be some benches to sit on while lapping up ice cream dribbles. However, ice cream enthusiasts will be able to enter the building and stand in line in the comfort of air conditioning while they wait their turn.

Enmerthal said the ice cream business is something he has always wanted to be involved in and he is looking forward to a new career.

The new owner said he has spent the last 20 years in the corporate world most recently working for a pharmaceutical company.

He said he hopes his new venture will be operational in April.

"I am very excited to get started," he said.