Dial leaving Amity job

Do you have good computer skills? How are your communication and organizational skills? Are you looking for a full time job?

The Amity Regional School District might have just the position you are looking for.

Paula Ann Dial, the assistant to the board of education and superintendent, has given her notice to Superintendent of Schools Helene Skrzyniarz. Her last day with the district is Feb. 18.

"My husband has accepted a position in Maryland," Dial said when asked why she was resigning.

Dial follows Keith McLiverty, finance director, in leaving Amity recently. McLiverty left in December but has continued to work for Amity in a part time fashion. The board is in the process of completing its paper review of candidates to replace McLiverty. The next phase will be to conduct interviews.

Dial has been with the District since December of 2002 when her husband was transferred to Sikorsky Aircraft. They relocated to Connecticut from North Carolina.

At that time, Dial replaced Nancy Connito who had worked for the Amity School District for many years.

When Dial was asked what the favorite part of her job was she said working with the superintendent.

"The part I have liked the most has been working with Dr. Helene," Dial said.

Skrzyniarz said Dial has been extremely conscientiousness.

"Paula Ann has managed a difficult position with efficiency, professionalism and diligence. She had to be the first line of defense when angry phone calls were received and when callers needed help. She always ensured that I returned calls when additional information was needed," Skrzyniarz said.

Dial's job is not one to consider lightly as it involves a variety of multi tasking abilities and constant interaction with the press.

"Paula Ann was able to multitask consistently and was a miracle worker in researching the information I needed in response to inquiries about reports and other materials not in district. She was my right and left hand," Skrzyniarz said.

The job requires that one must work closely with the entire school district as well as greater school community including board members, attorneys, parents, community members and the media - all in a timely fashion.

In addition the job requires handling all correspondence for the board and superintendent.

Dial has also been responsible for scheduling a plethora of meeting dates for all the sub committees and frequent special meetings. But she is not responsible for attending the meetings or filing minutes. Her current salary is $39,330.

"Besides being an excellent executive secretary, Paula Ann was a valued colleague to the folks in the District Office and a friend to all, especially me. I will miss her very much and wish her all the best," Skrzyniarz said.

Skrzyniarz said she would not comment on how to apply since an advertisement for the position has been placed. However, although there is no current posting for the position on the Amity website (www.Amityregion5.org) under District Office - employment the telephone number 397-4861 is listed with an email contact of paulacofrancesco@reg5.k12.ct.us is listed.