Democrats hold onto majority on school board

The Democrats held onto their majority on the Milford Board of Education but lost two seats in Tuesday's election.

Democrats outnumbered Republicans 8-2 prior to the race, and now the split is 6-4.

According to Democratic Town Committee Chairman Rich Smith, the Democrats control all the boards — aldermen, education and planning and zoning now.

"We haven't done that since the 80s," Smith said.

In the District 1 Board of Education race, the winners are Republicans John DeRosa and Mike DeGrego. Incumbent Laura Fetter, a Democrat, lost her seat to DeRosa.

The votes were as follows:

DeRosa, 1247; DeGrego, 1247; Mark Ahrens (D), 1178, and Fetter, 1086.

Democrats Tracy Casey and Susan Glennon won reelection to their seats in District 2.

The votes were as follows:

Doreen Fontana (R), 826; Joyce Charney (R) 823; Glennon, 1173, and Casey, 1164.

In District 3, the winners were Republican Anthony Piselli and Democrat Chris Saley. George Gensure, an incumbent Democrat, lost his seat to Piselli. As votes were counted at Democratic headquarters Tuesday night, it appeared that Republican Tom Jagodzinski had beaten Piselli, but the counts were very close. Totals later released by the City Clerk’s office indicated Piselli got more votes than Jagodzinski.

The results in that race are as follows:

Piselli, 931; Jogodzinski, 910; George Gensure (D) 903 and Saley, 1212.

Democrats took both seats in the fourth district. They are Heidi Gold-Dworkin, a scientist and newcomer to Milford politics, and incumbent Earl Whiskeyman.

The votes were as follows:

Walter Cash (R) 948; Heinz Stock (R), 941; Whiskeyman, 1322 and Gold-Dworkin, 1313.

The winners in District 5 are incumbent Suzanne DiBiase, a Republican, and Democrat Laura Fucci.

The votes were as follows:

DiBiase, 1343; Raymond Kirmaier (R), 1039; Sarah Ferrante (D), 1311, and Fucci 1389.