DeGrego qualifies for citizens' election funds

Mike DeGrego (R), State Senate candidate for the 14th District, running against incumbent Gayle Slossberg (D), has been approved for the state grant program from the Citizens’ Election Program of the State of Connecticut, campaign officials said Thursday.

“The support for my campaign has been overwhelming and humbling,” said DeGrego. “Having raised the necessary signatures and contributions, I am confident that this support speaks volumes about my commitment to this race and to the office where I seek to serve.”
The Citizens’ Election Program was established several years ago. A candidate for State Senate must raise $15,000 in increments of $5 to $100 from individual contributors. The candidate must also have at least 300 contributors from within the district. Once the candidate qualifies, the state program provides a grant for a fixed amount of campaign advertising, marketing materials and general campaign expenses.
DeGrego had almost 400 residents from the 14th Senatorial District contribute directly to his campaign, Smith said.