Dance class does wonders for man with Aspergers

One of the most remarkable and determined students at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Orange is Robert Lozyniak, a 32 year old student from Milford who was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome 20 years ago.
Dance school owners said one of Lozyniak’s doctors recommended ball room dancing. Dancing allows him to develop his gross motor skills and his social skills.

“The tactile contact from partnership dancing, the memorization of steps, the rhythmic motion of the music and dances are all aspects of dancing that Robert enjoys,” dance school owners said. “He sees dancing as orderly, logical, rational and most of all beautiful.”
Lozyniak said he has seen the benefits of dancing.
“I do not always fit in since I see the world differently,” said Lozyniak. “I have a disability of the environment I am in.”
Despite limited funds, the Milford man finds many ways to enjoy ballroom dancing. He has been dancing in the Orange studio for the past two years. He takes lessons when he can financially do so. As a member of the studio, he can attend the Friday night practice parties, which he seldom misses.
According to Fred Astaire owner, Chris Sabourin, “Fred Astaire Orange is proud to have such an appreciative student who not only enjoys the sport but actually reaps the many social and physical benefits of ballroom dancing.”
Also, Lozyniak was awarded one month of free dance lessons at Fred Astaire after being the winner of a 12-week weight loss program. The weight loss program involved weekly weighs in, one session with a nutritionist and an additional Latin-cardio class.
Lozyniak lost nine pounds in 12 weeks.