DMV: Boat owners may need to take action during renewals

The DMV will soon notify about 4,000 boat owners in the state that inconsistencies in some vessels’ make and model numbers created a delay in transferring them to our new registration system. To be clear, these inconsistencies are another illustration of why we needed a new computer system — they are not the result of a code. Rather, they are being fixed because the new system allows us to remedy these issues.

Most important to us, though, are our customers affected. We want to assure all boat owners that their registrations will be processed on time and before the April 31 deadline for all vessel registration renewals. In the boat renewals to these vessel owners, DMV will include a card to return to us with the accurate model name and numbers. The owners will also be given a phone number to call to renew the vessel over the phone.

There are also two changes for boat owners this year.

  • Any owners with any delinquent vehicle taxes will be unable to renew their vessels until the taxes are paid. DMV no longer accepts clearance letters from tax collectors. These delinquencies must be resolved electronically by the municipality. A recent review showed 5,475 instances of delinquent taxes among registered boat owners. To be clear again, boat owners being unable to renew because of delinquent taxes stems solely from the department’s adhering to a bill passed by the legislature in 2013. It is completely divorced from any type of “backlogs,” “bugs,” or otherwise relating to the computer system.

  • Also, if the vessel is documented with the United States Coast Guard, vessel owners will see that a Connecticut registration number has been referenced on their “certificate of decal” renewal invitation. This state number is there for accounting purposes only — it is not a valid registration number. They should not put this “CT” number on the vessel. The final registration document will reference only the U.S. documented number. This is their official number.

— from the Connecticut DMV