BETHANY >> Each year the Bethany Conservation Commission reviews conservation/preservation type activity in town looking for a possible Conservationist of the Year candidate. Historically this has been a closed function of the Conservation Commission. This year the commission has voted to “open up” the process in order to try and get more input and be sure that we are not missing any worthy candidates.

Toward this end we have created a nomination form that will be available at the Town Clerks Office or by e-mail by contacting Bruce Loomis at

The form includes eligibility criteria including Environmental Action, Environmental Education/Advocacy, Resource Preservation, Improving Suburban Areas and Habitat Restoration. The award is not limited to individuals. More complete details are on the nomination form.

This award is for meritorious action and is given only in years that the Commission feels there has been a worthy activity/effort. The award is presented at the annual Town Meeting in May.