Connecticut Sports Talk, July 13

Nutmeg Sports, HAN's Connecticut sport show, airs Monday-Thursday at 2 pm on HAN.Network, hosted by Frank Granito, Kevin Coleman and various HAN sports editors.

On the Wednesday, July 13, episode of Nutmeg Sports Frank is joined by HAN sports editor Bill Bloxsum to preview the Connecticut 13u Babe Ruth State Tournament. League representative Chris Kuczo comes on the show to talk about the first round of the tournament along with Trumbull managers Mike and Bob Buswell.

Frank and Bill kick off the show talking with Chris Kuczo, a league representative for the Babe Ruth State tournament. Chris explains to the guys what this tournament has been like for him and his staff, and everything they have had to do since play started off on Friday night. Chris explains the tournament's tiebreaker scenario for the brackets which came into play for the American League Bracket when pool play finished.

Next Frank and Bill are joined by the manager and coach of the Trumbull 13u Babe Ruth team, Mike and Bob Buswell. Mike and Bob offer their opinions on being eliminated from the tournament based on a tiebreaker, as well as talk about how difficult it was playing in the American League bracket. The brothers explain what is next for their 13u team as they prepare for in state tournaments, now that they are no longer eligible for regionals.

Finally the four preview the semifinal match ups for Thursday night at Stamford's Cubeta stadium and get ready for the final 3 games.

The HAN Network will be broadcasting the semifinals and championship game live on Thursday and Friday night, The schedule is as follows:

Thursday 5:30 #1 Waterford vs #2 Darien

Thursday 8:00 #1 New Milford vs #2 Stamford

Friday 7:00 Championship Game