Connecticut Capital Management Group in Milford marks 20th anniversary with new location

From left, Gary Mullin, Brian Parke, Mayor Ben Blake and Eric Tashlein cut the ribbon celebrating Connecticut Capital Management Group's 20th anniversary and new location.

From left, Gary Mullin, Brian Parke, Mayor Ben Blake and Eric Tashlein cut the ribbon celebrating Connecticut Capital Management Group's 20th anniversary and new location.

The Connecticut Capital Management Group, LLC marked its 20th anniversary with a new location and an official ribbon cutting ceremony held before dozens of dignitaries, family and friends.

Connecticut Capital Management Group (CCMG) Principals Eric Tashlein and Brian Parke celebrated the milestone and new office location to 2 Schooner Lane, Unit 1-12 in Milford, with the ceremony held Thursday, June 21, officiated by Mayor Ben Blake and followed by a festive reception.

“Eric has been a long time Milford guy with a long time Milford business,” said Blake. “And now he’s moving deeper into the heart of the downtown and has such beautiful views. Today is the first day of summer, the longest day of the year; I think that bodes well for a long future. We look forward to many years of success and partnering with you for many years to come.”

“We are delighted to be here to help them celebrate 20 years as well as the birth of this new office,” said Gary Mullin, executive director, Milford Chamber of Commerce.

Founded in 1998, CCMG’s mission is to empower clients with knowledge and resources needed to preserve and grow assets. “This is our 20th year, which is exciting,” explained Tashlein, founder and Certified Financial Planner. “I grew up in this town and a lot of our clients are from the area. We are thrilled to open in this new office after being on Cherry Street for about 15 years.’

As an early proponent of an objective fiduciary-based model, Tashlein envisioned a firm where advisors provided personalized advice while working diligently on behalf of the client to achieve their goals. Twenty years later, “Our team has grown, but our commitment to our clients’ financial well-being remains unchanged,” said Tashlein. “As fiduciaries, we act as your agent, always placing your interests first, which differs significantly from the model at large brokerage firms whose advisors are merely required to recommend investments that are suitable for the client.”

The firm has clients nationwide but concentrates on the Greater New Haven area, Hartford and Fairfield County areas as well as Florida. “You need an experienced financial advisor who will analyze your financial status in the context of your life situation and individual goals, then design and implement a solid financial plan,” said Tashlein.

CCMG provides many services including wealth management, financial planning, investment management, retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, insurance planning, charitable planning, and 401(k) plan design and management for companies.

“I started working with Eric as an intern 11 years ago, and became a partner three years ago,” said Parke, a Certified Financial Planner who graduated from Quinnipiac University with an Economics degree. “It has been a very interesting ride. My very first day full time was June 1, 2008 - so I’ve seen the worst of it and I’ve also seen some really great years. Thankfully we’ve had a lot of very good years, even going back to those early days.”

“We do investment management and provide great financial planning for folks, we work with a lot of business owners and folks leaving corporate,” said Tashlein. “There’s a lot of financial social work involved. You only retire once and people usually have a lot of questions, so that’s really a great time to come in and get a second opinion on what you’ve been doing with your financial planning - you want to get it right.”

Tashlein recommends beginning personal financial planning, “right out of college, but I’d say most people come to us when they have about five years left until retirement and also for a second opinion on what they’re doing. Brian and I are both fiduciaries to our clients, so we put our clients first, we do the right thing and in the end, we all win.”

Parke added, “The other way we can help is in making the most of what people have. Sometimes people may have great returns on their statement but their bank account might be going down because of the taxes that they’re paying. It’s important to make sure we’re focusing on the bottom line return not just the top line. We always make sure we are seen as a beneficial call, so if someone spends thirty minutes with us, they will feel like it was thirty minutes well spent.”

The firm’s advisors are affiliated with Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., an independent broker-dealer, and Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. “These organizations allow us to offer non-proprietary solutions from a wide variety of companies. By aligning ourselves with Cambridge, we are able to provide unbiased investment advice,” Tashlein said.

“Nell Moll at the Chamber of Commerce and the entire business community has been very supportive. Everybody’s been coming by and visiting which is great,” concluded Tashlein. “ I want to thank everybody for coming on behalf of my partner Brian Parke, myself, my associates, there are clients here, friends here - we want to thank you for the support over the years. Thank you to Ben Blake, the Chamber of Commerce who’s done a tremendous job, and thank you to my family.” Visit for more information.