Community remembers Maren Sanchez at third Peace, Love and Music event

It has been three years since a young Milford woman was killed at Jonathan Law High School on the morning of her junior prom, stabbed by a fellow student who has since been sentenced for his crime.

On Saturday, people gathered for the third year in a row not to focus on Maren’s death but to remember her life at an event filled with music and games.

The Peace, Love and Music from Maren event, which supports local scholarships, is a day to make people smile and to share with people they might not even know, said Jonathan Law High School Principal Fran Thompson as the event got underway Saturday morning.

“That’s what Maren did,” Thompson said. “She made you better. With that infectious smile, that twinkle in her eye.”

Mayor Ben Blake also spoke Saturday morning, as runners lined up to take part in a 5K that started the celebration. Maren’s death devastated the community, but it also brought people together, the mayor said. “More than anybody else, she united this community, and she inspires us to do better and be better,” Blake said.

School Supt. Dr. Elizabeth Feser said Maren’s presence can still be felt and the young woman still has an effect on the people here.

Feser described Maren as a “beautiful, vibrant, caring young woman” who was very much a part of the Milford community.

And she said the Peace, Love and Music from Maren event included all the things that Maren loved.

“We will see sunshine, friends meeting friends, people meeting people,” Feser said. “And we will see smiles, lots of smiles, lots of kindness, lots of warmth, joy felt everywhere. What a gift we’ve been given today; what a gift to the Law community; what a gift to the Milford community, and that gift is from Maren.”

The pain of Maren’s death remains, Feser continued, but the purple ribbons, the scholarships in her name and the annual event remind Milford residents to live life to the fullest and to be happy.

“C.S. Lewis once said when we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place. This event today that brings together hundreds and hundreds of members of our community to laugh and play is the unexpected blessing we are given.”

Dr. Feser concluded, “Lest you think otherwise: Maren lives on.”