City workers team up to rescue swan from aeration tank

Milford’s wastewater division, firefighters and animal control teamed up to rescue a swan from an aeration tank this week.

On Wednesday, Oct. 5, a swan was found floating in one of the aeration tanks at the Housatonic treatment plant, city officials said.

Several wastewater employees and animal control officers tried to get the swan out but had no luck. So they tried to get the swan to come close to the edge by feeding it bread in hopes that it would fly away or at least try to get out of the tank.

They thought the swan would eventually get out of the tank later that evening.

When the wastewater workers arrived for work on Thursday, Oct. 6,  the swan was still in the tank and very dirty and weak, city officials said. “It was trying to clean itself off but was not able to,” they said. “At this point it was very close to the grinder which is very dangerous. It was very tired, so it was decided that the fire department should be called to see if they could help.”  

The fire department responded and the firefighters eventually were able to capture the swan in a net and bring it to safety.  The fire department hosed off the swan as best they could and then animal control returned to check out the situation and found that the fire department had done an excellent job of removing the swan from the tank, wastewater officials said.

The swan was then wrapped in a blanket to keep it warm and animal control put it in a cage and brought it to a wildlife refuge in Weston, where it will be cared for.

Wastewater officials plan to check back in a couple of days to get an update on the condition of the swan.

They said the swan seemed scared at first, but was very calm when taken out of the tank and seemed to enjoy the attention and comfort.